Special Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT)
Stimulating all the joints from the Toes till the head region and giving the complete relaxation message for all the joints/parts of the body. Those who have less time in relaxing because of the work pressure, they can practice this method and gain the energy restored to continue their daily routines. The process of relaxation will be for 3 – 4 minutes.

Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT)
In this method, the middle part of the body is completely relaxed. The person who is practicing this will be mainly concentrating on the breath and slowly taking the control on the breath with slow and study movements by synchronizing the breath along with the abdomen movement. Here, the practitioner will have an opportunity to recognize the different breath patterns along with the feeling for the quick relaxation. The Process will be for 4-5 minutes.

Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT)
In this method, all the body parts from the Toes till the neck region and the Head region will be completely relaxed. The relaxation method will be practiced with the complete awareness on the breathing at 3 levels categorically. 1st level will be from Toes to the Waist region parts, 2nd level will be from the Waist to the Neck region parts, 3rd level will be for the Facial Parts and the Head region. The process will be for 15 minute

Stress Releasing Pranayamas

Breathing Techniques and control over breathing is practiced with different Pranayama’s i.e., which helps the practitioner to improve their respiratory system tremendously.
      -Sectional Breathing Technique – 3 Levels of Breathing
      -Kapalabhati – Rapid Breathing
      -Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama – Alternate Nostrils Breathing
      -Bhramari Pranayama – Cooling Pranayama
      -Surya Anuloma/Viloma Pranayama – Right Nostril Breathing
      -Chandra Anuloma/Viloma Pranayama – Left Nostril Breathing

Weight reducing Asanas

Orientation and practicing mainly on the weight reducing method followed with dynamic practices with Surya Namaskaras, Asanas will be combined for the benefit of the persons. The practice method will be administered in person with yoga experts with necessary timely guidance.

Advance Techniques

Cyclic Meditation (CM)
Advance method of Cyclic Meditation will give the complete relaxation to the practitioner with good body mind coordination by stimulating the relaxing stage by stage. With this, practitioner will have a greater advantage to control the stress factor and their emotional balance is also tremendously improved. This practice method is for the Body Sheath

Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT)
This technique is specially designed to strengthen the immune system in the body and tremendous will power will be improved on whoever is practicing this regularly. Different Sound Patterns/Waves produced on chanting divine shlokas, thereby allowing the practitioner to study waves/vibrations creating by chanting, finally which will help the practitioner to have the good mental health and happiness.

Pranic Energising Technique (PET) This technique is mainly used to relax the mind and the body by balancing the Prana flow. A unique method of relaxation technique which will allow the practitioner to have the control on the breath, awareness on the breath, recognition of vyana prana and balancing the same with the movements, further by applying the method of different movements, the body will be completely energized and well balanced.