Normal Techniques

Breathing Technique

The objective of breathing is to develop full use of lungs and synchronize the breathing along with our body movements. At the same time, with complete awareness we practice to concentrate on the breathing with mind and body coordination. This is very much required for the people those who are new to yoga and it is adviced to master this skill with yoga experts.

By doing this practitioner’s will have the greater benefit to improve their respiratory system and gradually their breathing quality will substantially improve.

How this practiced ?

  •   1.  Complete awareness on Inhaling and exhaling
  •   2.  Always breathing (inhalation & exhalation) to be practiced through the nose.
  •   3.  Always breath deeply, slowly, continuously with complete awareness
  •   4.  During this practice, we should allow our mind to be calm by reducing the thoughts.
  •   5.  At the same time, practice the breathing process in a relaxed way

Few Benefits of proper breathing

  •   1.  Gets complete relaxation for mind, body and the muscles
  •   2.  Body gets detoxified and breathing quality will improve.
  •   3.  Oxygen supplies to the body cells gets regulated
  •   4.  Increases the lungs capacity, helps to reduce the cardiovascular problems.
  •   5.  Keeps our body and mind calm
  •   6. With regular practice, helps to improve our posture(Asanas)

Loosening Technique

Loosening the different joints, muscles relaxing is very much required before we go for the Surya Namaskara Practice or Asana practice. Risks are more involved if we skip this practice in our daily practice schedule. So we stress more on good practice methods of loosening practices across various joints i.e., like neck,shoulder, wrist, fingers, waist, pelvic, knees, ankels, toes, etc., All these joints are loosened before we practice the regular Asana Postures/ Surya Namaskara. In this Practice, the practitioner will have the advantage/benefits on loosening all the joints and will be away from the regular arthritis problems.

Balancing Postures

Balancing postures(Asanas) will allow our body to improve the flexibility and by practicing this regularly we can improve the yoga positions and move on to the perfection stage. Various balancing postures such as hand balancing, leg balancing, single hand balancing, single leg balancing postures will give us the strengths to perform the Asanas in a better way and at the same time, it boosts our confidence and energy levels.

Few Balancing Postures(Asanas) are :

  •   1.  Veerabhadrasana (Warrior Posture)
  •   2.  Trikonasana (Triangle Posture)
  •   3.  Parshvakonasana (One sided Right Angle Posture)
  •   4.  Vruskshasana (Tree Posture).
  •   5.  Hamsasana (Swan Posture)

Twisting and Stretching Posture

Twisting and stretching posture will improve the flexibility and we develop the strong spine which is very much compulsory for the practice of various Asanas. This practice becomes the foundation to move a step ahead for the good practice of Asanas. This will also helps to remove the tiredness and laziness in the body. This can be practiced slowly for the beginners and depending upon the capacity of the practitioner’s, this can also be practiced in dynamic way. Breathing coordination along with the body movements is very much essential for the proper practice.

For beginners, it is always adviced to take the necessary guidance of yoga experts to master this practice methods.

Few benefits of Twisting & Stretching postures

  •   1.  Can get rid of all the digestive disorders.
  •   2.  Helps to improve the flexibility in joints
  •   3.  No constipation problems.