Yoga is the skill to calm down the mind and is equanimity of mind; joining of body and mind.
Yoga gives alround benefits like physical, mental,intellectual,emotional and social.
Absence of disease is health.
a) Jnana yoga - Path of knowledge.
b) Bhakti yoga - path of devotion.
c) Karma yoga - Path of work.
d) Raja yoga -Path of psychic control.
The application of yogic methods and principles for a particular disease or disorders.
Meditation helps to calm down and harmonises the body and mind.
Modern stress is caused by improper food habits and life style. Yoga helps us to mastery over ther mind, sensory and functional organs.
It helps to maintain the hormonal balance & and regularizes the monthly periods.
Yes, particularly sukshma vyayama(loosening exercise), breathing exercisres and Pranayamas ; which will help to keep them fit.
Nemmadi School of Yoga is Determine to eradicate the psychosomatic diseases and promote the positive health among the society.